Digital Benefits at Screen Prices

Due to our stringent R&D practices, and our exclusive supplier relationships, Look Print can now offer medium to large digital print runs at screen prices, with all the added benefits of digital. These benefits include:


  • Shorter turnarounds – With unprecedented high printer speeds, and without the laborious screen setups involved in screen printing, we can now complete your jobs sooner rather then later.


  • Part Shipments – Allows you the option to have your job delivered in batches to suit your needs.


  • Low set ups – As digital printing does not require screens, the setup costs are cut from several thousand to around $100 per artwork. (minimum production charges apply to maintain efficiencies)


  • Sampling – Would you like to know what your print looks like before you place an order for thousands of m²? With digital printing you can. Simply send us a file and at a low cost we can print your artwork onto the product of your choice.


  • Variable artwork – Allow more flexibility in your advertising campaigns by having variable artworks in your print run. You can now change your promotional artwork to target different markets with a small additional set up cost of only $100 per artwork.


  • Photo quality – Available at real 720dpi, with 6 colour inks for optimum colour accuracy across a comprehensive range of products.


  • Larger sizes – Do you want banners with a difference? Screen printers can only print continuously up to 3m long, so why not go digital and print any length you need. Size does